Train Dialogue July 7th (unedited)

“So… I like your coat” said Charles. The girl took a second, and, after realizing that she was being spoken to, nodded and said thanks.

“Where’d you get that at, Burlington? It looks like something one of my sisters would wear.”

“Well… honestly I don’t remember. It was supposed to be chilly today, and I grabbed whatever I could to rush over to the train.”

“Yea, how about that? Sometimes I feel like I trust those broadcasts a bit too much. I mean, how often does it really get to be 60 degrees in August?”

“Yea, that’s what I thought. But, it’s one of those situations where it’s not really believable, so it must be true, you know? Sort of like cloudless rain or global warming.”

“Hey, you shouldn’t say that too loudly, we’re in Philly, you know? A rabid environmentalist might just run you down.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” The woman paused and put out her hand. “I’m Eve.”

“Nice to meet you Eve. I’m Adam.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“Not really, it just felt right to say. My name’s Charles, Charles Barker.”

“Your first and middle name is Charles? I didn’t know parents would do that to a child. “

“I guess you’re mad I went with Adam first, aren’t ya?”

“Your attempt was a little better than the others I’ve heard, but it’s a pretty common joke. I wish people got a bit more creative with it.”

“What do you mean?” Charles asked.

“Well, if you’re going to make a Genesis joke, at least go for the side characters. I’ve never had a woman come up to me and say they were Lilith.”

“Well that’s because women aren’t funny.”

“Is that true? And for a second there I had hopes for you.”

“I don’t mean it in a mean way. They just don’t have any need to be. Guys use humor to hide the fact that they are ugly and can’t act appropriately in public. Woman will get what they want just by walking into a room and looking pretty.”

“Wow, another foul. I guess these ‘words of wisdom’ come from experience? I’d think that, but you obviously haven’t talked to a woman before.”

“I’m already getting shunned? Sweet, that’s a new record for me.”


“It’s a little game I play. I love riding the train, but it can be boring listening to the same 20 tracks on my phone for 15 minutes, waiting to get off at Temple. So, when I’m up to it, I go and see any vacant people and try to strike up conversation, and then see how quickly I can get shot down after I get their name.”

“You know, that game seems a little perverted. Why not just talk to people normally? Who knows, you might even make a friend.”

“Why would I want that? Train friends are the most awkward relationships.”

“Really now?”

“Think about it. Train friends are people you meet once, may have a 10 minute conversation with once or twice, and then might not see again for weeks. They become close enough that they are almost acquaintances, but after such a long absence, you will undoubtedly forget their name. This always leads to the uncomfortable ‘how are you doing, man’ ‘good, how bout you’ conversations that only exist to make niceties. If you collect too many of them, the car becomes a minefield filled with potential awkward glances and hazardous seats.”

“So what, you’re trying to end the relationship before it starts? That seems to me to cause far more problems. If you play this ‘game’ too often, there’s going to be a ton of seats where the person will want to block you out. You eventually would have to stand the entire trip.”

Charles gripped his chest and stared distantly. “I’ll just have to live with the consequences of my actions!”

“I think you need to have a little more faith in people Charles.”


“What stop do you get off at? Temple, right?”

Charles smiled. “Yea, that’s right.”

“well, I’m off at University Park. Why don’t you sit next to me tomorrow? I’ll show you that train friends aren’t the worst things to have.”

“Really? Aren’t I at two strikes now?”

“It takes three strikes to be out, remember? I never thought I’d have to lecture a boy on baseball.”

The train pulled to a stop. The marker above read Temple.

Charles went to get up.

“I guess I didn’t try hard enough today. I’ll bring my .003 average tomorrow then. See you later, Lilith!”

“It’s Eve!”


Hello world!

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I feel like I should delete the above, but for some reason it doesn’t feel right to. So, I decided to keep it and ramble on below.

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this blog. It’s mostly a place where I try to upload stuff that I wrote so that I can feel like I have accomplished something with my ramblings. It’s entirely a selfish project, and most of the uploaded works will be unedited or unfinished (most likely both). After posting it, I’ll have reviews of my work, and later down the line revised or finished copies.

I don’t care if anyone uses my work as long as they notify me that they use it, and that they put reference to the original creator wherever they post it. Not that I think the stuff I’m posting will be shared (although that would be cool).

That said, I hope you enjoy my meager attempts at story telling!